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Carmen Brown & The Elements

It's All For You
music production, composing, arranging, performing, engineering, mixing, mastering

"It's All For You" is the name of the debute album of Carmen Brown and The Elements. The album was released on 24th of June 2011 by BHM Productions.

Written by Carmen Brown, Georgi Gogov, Christoph Piasetzki, Vincent Themba.
Arranged by Georgi Gogov, Christoph Piasetzki.
Produced by Georgi Gogov, Jens Damgaard.

Featured artists:
Claudia Lippmann - drums
Armin Mostaed - bass
Vincent Themba - guitars, backing vocals
Georgi Gogov - keyboards, backing vocals
Jonny Boem - trumpet
Marco Arndt - saxophone
Christoph Piasetzki - trombone
Nicky Bollmann - percussions
Carmen Brown - vocals